The Self Pay Surgery Process

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Choose your Package

Review what surgery you will need to get, fill in the contact form or give us a call Mon-Fri only

Step 1

We book your appointment

Meet your Surgeon

Meet your surgeon at a time convenient to you. The surgeon's initial consultation fee is set at $300. This is your only "out of package" cost, and will need to be paid directly to the surgeon at the time of the consultation.

Step 2

We handle the rest

Book & pay for your surgery

Once we hear how the surgeon's consultation went, will come back to you with the surgeon's available times for surgery, and book time that's convenient for you. We will need you to pay for the surgery package at this point, to secure your surgery.

Step 3

At a time convenient to you

Have your surgery

Unlike public hospitals, you're going to get in to have your surgery as quickly as the surgeon can do it. On a day that's convenient to you.

Step 4

Recovery time

Return home after surgery

We will inform you of your expected recovery time and anything to watch out for. You'll be given a time for the surgeron's follow up.

Step 5

Post surgery appointment

Follow up with your surgeon

We will give you an appointment time and date to follow up with your surgeon, at their consulting rooms. This consultation is included in your Self Pay Surgery Package.

Step 6

Enjoy your health

Admin free experience

We manage all the paperwork and paying all the doctors and hospital. What a great way to recovery from surgery.

Step 4