Self Pay Surgery Locations
New South Wales

Self pay surgery location

Shellharbour Private Hospital

State of the art surgical facilities are available for all Self Pay Surgery patients attending Shellharbour Private Hospital. 

A day surgery, a main operating suite and surgical ward are situated on the ground floor, staffed by experienced Specialists, Nurses and support staff. 

As part of the Healthe Care group, quality assurance processes are at the heart of our first-class patient care.

State of the art surgical facilities

Shellharbour Private Hospital

Shellharbour Private Hospital

Self Pay Surgeries available at Shellharbour Private Hospital



Examining the lower digestive tract

ACL Reconstruction


Reconstruction of a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament



BPH therapy for extra prostate tissue



Examination and biopsy of bladder via cystoscope

Gas & Colonoscopy together


When you need both colonoscopy and gastroscopy



Examining the upper digestive tract with a camera

GreenLight Laser PVP


Vaporise portions of an enlarged prostrate

Hip Replacement


Replace damaged cartilage & bone tissue of the hip

Knee Arthroscopy


Keyhole surgery to diagnose problems in the knee

Knee Replacement


Replacement of damaged cartilage and knee tissue

Shoulder Replacement


Replacement of damaged bone tissue of the shoulder

Surgery Missing?


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Transperineal Prostate Biopsy


Biopsies of the prostate taken via the perineum



Surgery to prevent the transfer of sperm