Payment Plans

Looking for Payment Plans to help you pay for your surgery? Self Pay Surgery offers a range of payment options, making it even easier for you to access the surgery you need, sooner.

SELF PAY SURGERY PAYMENT Options Help to Pay for your surgery

Self Pay Surgery Payment Options

Pre-Pay & Pay Later providers

Humm for Self Pay Surgery Payment Plans


The Bigger Buy Now Pay Later

  • Pay for your surgery up to $30,000.
  • "Little things" is for all of your purchases up to $2,000
  • “Big things” for those purchases over $2,000 and all the way up to $30,000
  • They each have their own set of rules for approval
  • Humm never charge interest – ever


Zip Pay & Zip Money

  • Pay no interest ever with Zip Pay. Get 3 months interest free with Zip Money
  • Flexible repayments from $40/month, choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Minimum monthly repayments are required.
  • A one-off establishment fee may apply.
  • A $6.00 monthly account fee applies - which you won't pay if your balance is zero
Layby surgery available at Self Pay Surgery

Layby Surgery

Pre-pay - Interest free, Credit & Debt free

  • Transparent pre-payment solution with no interest, establishment fees credit checks, and effect on credit ratings, ever. 
  • Pay your way through installments of up to 12 months. 
  • Quick sign-up and scheduling made easy online.
  • Procedure and price locked for good. 
  • We take away the stress with no lingering bills as you recover debt and stress free.

Pay with Superannuation options

ATO Early Access to Super


Early Access to Super

  • You can access your Superannuation to pay for your surgery and associated costs.
  • The Australian Tax Office provides information on accessing your superannuation for your surgery.
  • Contact the ATO directly
SuperCare for Payment option for Self Pay Surgery


Streamlining Release of Superannuation

  • SuperCare helps everyday Australians to eliminate the stress that can be associated with paying for Medical treatments - with no interest on repayments required for the funding received.
  • SuperCare streamlines, for quick approval, the ATO application for release of superannuation as a payment option for Self Pay Surgery.
  • SuperCare provides a money back "No Win, No Fee" guarantee on its fee-for-service model.

How Self Pay Surgery works

Welcome to Self Pay!

Get in touch with Us

Our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions you might have, and explain our self pay solution to you before you start. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need.

Step 1

We book your appointment

Consultation booking

Once you have decided you would like to meet your surgeon, we will arrange your first consultation.

Step 2

Visit your specialist

Meet your surgeon

Your specialist will discuss treatment options with you and explain any diagnostic tests you might need as part of your individual care package.

Step 3

Surgery Quote

Get a Surgery Quote

If you are a candidate for surgery, we will give you surgery quote and surgery time with very little wait.You can use this quote to get finance if required. Payment needs to be made before you start your treatment.

Step 4

Paying for your surgery


Payment for your surgery is due once you receive your booking and have accepted and signed your surgery quote. If you get a payment plan, the finance company will pay us - or you can pay us directly. We accept bank cheque, Mastercard, Visa or EFTPOS. Please note that all credit card transactions will incur a 1.75% surcharge.

Step 5

Self Pay Surgery

Have your surgery

Unlike public hospitals, you're going to get in to have your surgery as quickly as the surgeon can do it.

Step 6

Recovery time

Return home after surgery

We will inform you of your expected recovery time and anything to watch out for.

Step 7

Post surgery appointment

Follow up with your surgeon

We will give you an appointment time and date to follow up with your surgeon, at their consulting rooms. This consultation is included in your Self Pay Surgery Package.

Step 8

Enjoy your health

Get your life back on track

We’ll take care of the rest, leaving you to focus on treatment and recovery while our professional medical teams deliver your personalised care.

Step 9


Our mission:
full transparency

Our fully integrated medical services across the entire healthcare spectrum give every patient one-stop access. We collaborate with a wide network of partners, our own private hospitals, specialist surgeons, GP clinics and support health staff.